1-2-1 Nutritional Therapy 


Personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice in person or via zoom

I see individuals either in person in my South London clinic in Balham or online via zoom.

I occasionally also see clients in their home, which may come at an additional cost depending on travel arrangements.

In order to see real results, time and commitment is essential. 

Based on my clinical experience, clients who have the best progress commit to at least 3 months. Therefore, the consultation process I offer is based on individualised packages for clients to truly benefit from the therapy, allowing time for gradual changes to take place.

Depending on the level of support required, the frequency of consultations vary from client to client. One person may prefer to talk on a weekly basis to feel fully supported and for accountability, whereas someone else may prefer to talk once monthly and focus on the nutrition and lifestyle advice and recommendations more independently.

The free 15-minute discovery call, helps me better assess your specific needs and we will discuss which package structure and consultation frequency may be most suitable for you at this time in your life.


Although the way I work vary between individuals, there are a few things which are included in all bespoke packages. Below is a description of the first stages of the consultation process to give you an understanding of what is involved when working with me on a 1-2-1 basis. 

What is involved in the first stages of the consultation process and what to expect when working with me

Regardless of package structure, all clients seeing me are asked to complete a comprehensive client questionnaire and a food diary prior to the first meeting.

This information is used for me to analyse and better understand where we may need to focus to start off with.


During the first consultation which lasts around 2 hours, I will discuss with you in great detail the findings from the questionnaire which include for example medical background, family history, health concerns, goals and diet and lifestyle factors. Questions during this consultation will be tailored to each individual based on the information from the questionnaire and food diary and I may ask more in depth questions in areas which I believe may be more relevant at this particular time.


Following the initial consultation all clients receive a personalised and bespoke wellness plan which will take into consideration both nutrition and lifestyle.

This will also include meal suggestions and personalised recipes and handouts.

Sometimes I may also recommend supplements or testing, but only if I think it is necessary or may play an important role in determining how to move forward.

Please note that all supplements and testing are provided by third parties and will therefore come at an additional cost. 

During the initial consultation we will also draw up a plan for the consultations to come depending on the specific structure and package. 

All individuals working with me also receive

  • 10% discount on medical grade supplements with Amrita or The Natural Dispensary

  • Complementary interpretation of any additional test results

  • Email support

  • Information handouts if suitable

  • If applicable, medication and nutrient-drug interaction evaluation 

  • Wellness program for maintenance following the final consultation as part of each bespoke package 

To find out more about how we may work together, schedule a free 15-minute discovery call. This is a great opportunity to get a better understanding of what is involved in the services I offer and the processes involved. There are no obligations with this call and it is in no way a sales call but an opportunity for you to get an understanding of how I work and also for me to know that I can help you. 

Package prices starting from £400.

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