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Begin your breath journey 


Use the power of your breath to support your health and wellbeing

The way in which we breath impacts both our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and dysfunctional breathing is today a known factor and contributor to ill health. Still, despite the growing science behind the importance of how we breathe, the power of our own breath is often dismissed and neglected. By learning how to breath consciously in a way that supports health on all levels, we can help access the full potential of our respiratory system, which supports better physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

"How we breathe, often mirrors how we live and therefore, by changing how we breathe, we can also help change our lives for the better"

Transformational Breath® is a gentle and simple, yet powerful breathwork technique, that helps people access and open up the full potential of their breathing system. This helps support every level of health and wellbeing, both physical, mental and emotional. It teaches a pattern of conscious, connected (where there is no pause between inhale and exhale) diaphragmatic breathing, that is safe, natural, easy-to-learn, and highly efficient.

In my work my goal is to help create a safe space that allows people to feel, open up and connect in order to support lasting changes and transformation. Safely guiding the breath through coaching, with the integration of acupressure, sound, movement and positive affirmations, it helps support our individual breath journey. When positive shifts begin to take place in the way we breathe, this in turn, supports all aspects of our health and wellbeing and can also support us to feel more connected to our true selves as well as the people around us.

Transformational Breath® sessions


Initial session, 90 min: £125

Follow up sessions, 75 min: £100

Packages are in addition available, and can be created depending on individual needs and goals.

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