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We all have a story. As with so many other practitioners working in health and wellness, the reason for me changing career originated from my own personal experiences.


Having originally trained in hospitality management, I worked in hotels and restaurants worldwide for over a decade and my decision to retrain came from having noticed first-hand the positive, powerful impacts of nutrition on my own physical and mental health after having my first son. Studying nutrition in combination with psychology helped me look at food and eating differently and it was first after I began studying nutrition and psychology, and delving deeper into the complex relationships between nutrition, emotions and mental and physical health, that I began to look at food as medicine and as a key tool to help nourish body, mind and soul. After experiencing first hand, the power of breathwork, witnessing how the breath can help change lives for the better and connect and bring us back to our innate selves, I knew that breathwork had to become an integral and essential part of my work. This led me to undertake extensive training in the field of breathwork and I am today a certified and registered Transformational Breath® facilitator. 

My work is holistic and integrated, science based whilst also intuitive and I work to a large extent, with people who want to find natural ways to support their mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. I also work with people who want to make peace with food, so that they can feel motivated and inspired to live life to the fullest, whilst enjoying food and eating. In addition, I offer workshops and talks as well as corporate nutrition services.


Today, my mission is to help bridge the gap between mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing and create a safe space that allows people to feel, open up and connect in order to move forward and live better and more fulfilling lives.


Find out more about breathing with me or nutrition support and follow the link below to get in touch or to book a call or session.


Education & Training behind my work


Hello, I'm Jess

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