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Leila S, 53

"My experience of working with Jessica has been life changing.

I am a middle aged woman who has dealt with allergy symptoms as well as gut problems for many years which really came to affect my life in several ways. I have seen numerous doctors over the years and gone through a wide range of conventional testing to get to the bottom of my health concerns, this without any real result. I have gone through test after test without ever really finding out what was the issue for me which I often found hard as I really wanted to get to the bottom of what might be causing my symptoms. As the problems escalated and got worse over the years they also began to really affect both my work life and private life. Six months ago I therefore decided to try a different route to feel better and I contacted Jessica who straight away took my problems seriously, really listened to me and was very understanding of my problems. Through our online meetings, mapping my diet and doing simple tests Jess could see patterns and analyse what was going on for me. Jess helped me understand the impacts of nutrition and lifestyle and gradually helped me make changes which to me have been life changing. I started noticing changes almost straight away and after years of suffering, my allergy and gut problems have been eradicated within just a few months. Jess has helped me manage diet and lifestyle changes which I never would have thought of myself but which have had an impact I didn’t think possible and she has been a fantastic support to me the whole time. I have got my life back and for that I am forever grateful to Jessica. Jessica is extremely competent, knowledgeable, attentive, warm, empathetic and professional and always made me feel comfortable and at ease. I really can not recommend Jessica highly enough and I hope that someone else, who might be in a similar situation to where I was a few months ago, might read this." 

Mathew, 48

"I first saw Jess at a particularly difficult point in my life. I was traumatised by an abusive relationship & couldn’t find any calm, self love, or peace of mind. Just two sessions gave me so much more than I expected. I was able to release negative emotions, find calm, forgiveness & ultimately find the way back from my head to my heart. 

Jess is a truly gifted breathwork therapist who seemed to know instinctively what to do to make me feel better. My heart overflows with gratitude to have been helped with my recovery by this beautiful, generous soul." 

Sanna S, 32

"Working with Jessica has not been like working with any health professional I have worked with before. With her knowledge and expertise and experience in combination with her warmth and passion for helping people,  I found something unique and I felt so relaxed and safe to open up. I always felt so at ease during our sessions, almost as if I was talking to an old friend. Starting seeing Jessica when I was at my worst is one of the best decisions I have ever made, at the beginning it was a real challenge and really hard to have to confront my issues and problematic behaviour with food and eating as well as additional health issues. But, with Jessica’s compassion and understanding I could slowly allow myself to be vulnerable and start to understand what was going on. Jessica really does take a holistic 360 degree perspective on health. It is not all about eating the right foods and exercising, and Jessica has really helped me so much. Being in a space where I felt safe to open up and have someone who really listened to me, has been so helpful for me moving forward. Jessica has with her burning passion helped me make sense of so much that has been going on for me. The work with her has led me to be able to enjoy food today, something I have not been able to do for decades and food is no longer a form of self-medication for me when I meet challenges and difficulties. Apart from this, I have also managed to get into remission from a long-term inflammatory condition and I now have a new kind of energy. Working with Jessica has been an extremely enlightening and rewarding time and I would highly recommend her to anyone for health support or wanting to build a healthier relationship with food! "

Emma, 49

"Jess works with such tender loving care and I was able to open and feel emotions that had been stuck inside my body a long lifetime. This healing is a knowing in the body that cannot be done with words and talking. I’m so grateful to have found her."

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Roy Levy, Creative Director, Gail's 

"Jess first joined GAIL’s NPD team, as a consultant, early last year.We were busy reinventing our seasonal chilled food offer (breakfast and deli pots, salads, lunch boxes and soups) and were lacking a strong nutritional agenda to complete it. Jess started by helping us understand the ideal nutritional balance for every concept and then, very sensitively, ushered us throughout the development process and reviewed every single recipe we came up with. She highlighted areas that needed fixing and suggested creative ways on how to improve those, while staying true to our initial concepts and recipes.With Jess’ scientific knowledge and deep understanding of our business commercial values, we ended up with 30 brand new recipes which stood the tests of taste and brand. Whilst we in GAIL’s, were always committed to cooking simple food using the best ingredients, it’s thanks to Jess that we now can do so with a solid nutritional view in mind. Since then, Jess has joined us every time we adapt our recipes and we simply can’t imagine developing a new recipe without having her input on what we create."


Chris Barber, Director, CBFS


Jess has helped us on a number of important projects over recent years. As well as providing nutritional analysis of dishes we have created, she has also made recipe and menu suggestions and added to the creative process. Jess gets things done, and realises that our clients expect a fast turnaround and error free analysis and input. She never fails to deliver and is for sure, our 'go to' expert."

S.F, 49

"I have gone through a tough transition period in my life and Jess has taught me how powerful I am through my own breath and I am actually a little lost for words when trying to describe her impact. I never thought breathwork could be that powerful. Jess is so kind and caring and I felt so safe and held during our sessions. I look forward to continuing working with Jess and I am looking forward to her also working with my children to see how she can help support them. I really am so grateful." 

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